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QFS and RV Platform - Hedera Hashgraph

Quantum physics was introduced in the 1900's and has since then been further theorized by many scientists, Quantum is the smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property, whether it is energy or matter at the atomic and subatomic level. Quantum theory itself is complicated to grasp, but can be put into layman terms by introducing the Schrodinger Cat concept. Take a cat and put the cat into a thick lead box, by observing the cat it's state is that it is alive. If you take some poison in a capsule and put it in the box and close it, at that time you no longer have the ability to observe if the cat is dead or alive, so the cat can be in both states at once, quantum physics calls this superposition state. It is not until you open the box and observe the cat and you observe if it is dead or alive that the specific state exists. The second part to the quantum theory is the multi-verse theory that when the object is in superposition the objects universe instantly creates a …

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